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specializing in portraits to capture your family's Legacy.

Have you ever held your grandparents photos & felt the luxurious texture of years gone by? Reveled in the timelessness of your family & dreamt about what it would be like for your children or grandchildren to look into the beauty of the past?

We offer several products that will be the perfect addition to your heirloom & art collection.  



Portrait Sessions


Types of sessions we offer & pricing

Your investment of the session fee includes 1-2 hours with Kimberly, enjoying your favorite location while she creates beautiful & meaningful images for you, your children, grandchildren, grandparents & future generations, so that they may enjoy them in the years to come as well as this very moment. This also includes the time and talent of editing your beautiful images and your post session Viewing & Ordering Appointment. 

sessions 250

All of our clients walk away with beautiful printed art & digital images.  Your family is changing so quickly, so book now before these fleeting moments in time will be gone.

To learn more,  call Kimberly at 406.880.2373 she will be more than happy to talk with you about your specific needs.

Session fees do not include prints or digital files. See pricing below.


Choose digital images

Step 2. CHOOSE DIGITAL FILES. Step two of Create a Collection includes your choice of ALL the digital images from your session or 12 digital images. They are fully enhanced and ready to print. This also includes unlimited personal usage rights to the files. This means you can print, share and display your images any way you like as long as it's for personal use and not commercial in nature. Guardipee Photography retains copyright to all images as the original creator of the works. We do NOT sell or release full copyright to files. Purchasing the files give you the ultimate flexibility and control to print and share your images now and in the future.

We offer one collection.  "CREATE A COLLECTION"  It's extremely versatile & gives you exactly what you want. Here's how it works. Just follow our easy 2 step process, and you've created a collection!

all hi-res images 795
12 HI-res images 595

Files are delivered via download & USB.  Files include a complimentary 4x6 print of every image from your digital selection.


unlimited personal useage rights

art starting at 325


Choose printed art

Step 1. CHOOSE ART PRODUCT(S) The first step of Create a Collection begins with picking something beautifully printed for your home, office or personal space.  Your art piece is created and designed according to the space where it will be displayed in. With printed art that will bring delight for years to come, you'll be excited about this step in the ordering process. From here, you'll finish Create A Collection with step 2 below.

Wall art 325
print collections 525
heirlooms 1200

Listed above are starting prices. Product prices increase based on size, finish, and design complexity.

purchase products in two easy steps

All of our clients go home with digital images. Step 2 of Create a Collection gives you the digital images from your session.

featured Photo

who: Audrey G.

location: Kitchen

Lighting: North Facing
Window light

Style: Hand Rendered

Created: 2020


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