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 Modern Tools

Each portrait is painted using classical techniques; brush strokes on a canvas with modern tools; the modern tools being the stylus with fine tuned specialized brushes on a photoshop canvas. Each brush stroke is applied one stroke at a time. This is not a one click filter. Your final piece is printed on canvas, arrives with your choice of frame and ready for display.  The beauty of this modern method is that it has a quicker turnaround time and it is a fraction of the price of traditional oil painted portraits all the while still providing you with a stunning one of a kind work of art. 

classical techniques


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hand painted


cell phone images works of art?

Spring cameo

You know your favorite photo that you love, where our child was sitting with that look that is truly them, that expression that is rarely captured, but was captured so quick but wasn't in the ideal setting or they had dirt smudged on their face from playing outside. Sometimes we look at our favorite cell phone photo and wish it was just a "bit more" or "it would have been perfect if it was just ______ ......".  We'd love to talk with you about turning your favorite cell phone image that you wish was just a "bit more" into a work of art that can grace your walls for years to come.

Memorial portraits

Crafting a beautiful piece of art to honor the life of a loved one can be a great source of comfort. We would be honored to create a hand-rendered photoshop painting to celebrate the life of someone you loved. 

before & after

We transform your photograph into a BEAUTIFUL work of art

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